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When you capture images in Black & White you bring out the essence of the image, you capture it's soul.

I support America's Public Lands. My images have been used by national conservation groups, federal agencies, and have been used in the US Senate.




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I have been a professional photographer for more than a decade. I love capturing special moments  capturing  them in time like a special memory. 




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If you want to really see the stars in the sky, how far would you have to travel from your front door?

It's the wild places that renew our strength, Touch our hearts, and stir our souls...that's where the magic happens.

~Kurt Kuznicki






Kurt is currently showing his images Pegs Glorified Hams & Eggs on Sierra Street and the Peg's on Mae Anne in Reno &  is  having a sale at My Favorite Muffin in Reno. Please visit the Orenda Gallery at 1675 Lakeside in Reno to see more of Kurt's work  and many other local artists. If you have any questions regarding Kurt's photography please feel free to call Kurt at  (775) 745-3119.

I have always felt energy from Wild landscapes. I love chasing the magic light in the wild. The Nevada Backcountry is where I feel the most at home and where I spend most of my time.

Black & White

Welcome, I hope you enjoy my photography and it inspires you to get Outside and explore. Nevada Outside Photography in Reno.